This is a stacked shot of the Ring Nebula in Lyra. It is well known. I am not happy with it. I think that the image is slightly out of focus? The stars are not perfectly round. This shot needs improvement. No, it need replacement, but at this exact moment I can't get back to the George observatory to make that happen.

You may ask: Well, exactly what is it???? It was at one time a star that exploded (NOVA) and this is the results. Really, no joke.

Using the 810a, which has a chip biased for photographing the sky rather than just taking photos in white light, such as: "Here we are at the beach..." allows the 36 mp chip to pick up on the various colors of the universe that a normal camera does not see.

I use the Nikon software: Camera Control Pro2 software to help focus the camera. The image shows up on the lap top screen and you can then really focus your lens to a razor sharp edge.


The Sombrero Galaxy has a spinning center and acts like a centrifuge in that it throws out a lot of energy and particles surrounding the center of the galaxy. You can see a bright star at the center of mass, but in effect it is spinning so fast that it could be destroying itself one day. But not in our life time. This is a composite of about 20 photos stacked in Lightroom software. Photo taken through that big 36" scope. That is. the 36" means the mirror is 36" in diameter not the whole telescope being 36".

The next object is a globular cluster, which is nothing more than a tightly pack group of stars. They are really interesting to look at. They are like little diamonds shining in the night.

The second photo is of the Dumbell Nebula. Another exploding star out there.