This is a redux of the Milkyway photos already up, but there is a difference. I will be traveling down Padre Island National Seashore in a 4wd vehicle. We will set up at or about Big Shell, BIG SHELL which is about 35 miles South of the hard top pavement from the Malaquite Vistor Center VISTOR CENTER

This should be one of the darkest places in South Texas? You are a zillion miles from nowhere, including cell phone service, and it takes a 4wd vehicle to get there. So for me, to spend the night out under the stars is a perfect evironment. No traffic, no robo calls, no flashing lights, just the waves the beach and the stars. Lets hope it is not windy or raining??

The above trip will be 9 June 2021. I am also planning a trip to west Texas. Specifically to Terlingua, in August of 2021, to photograph the night sky. Then why go to two places, the image (Milkyway) is the same. Well, yes and no. Yes, it is the same image, but... the atmosphere is not the same. Here on the Gulf Coast of Texas it is extremely humid. That means the atmosphere is thick with moisture, which will impead your view of the night sky. It is common to have humidity in Corpus Christi of 70 to 80%. Where as in Terlingual the humidity will be 20% or less. Plus Terlingua, is one of the darkest regions of the United States. To the south is the Rio Grande. Now you might see Donald Trump down there digging a trench for his wall, but for the most part it is dark, dark, dark. Just Mexico to the South with hundreds of miles of uninhabited land. To the north there is a town, about 80 miles away located on Interstate 10. So, if you want dark skies there it is. It will take me at least 10 hours to get there from Corpus Christi. It is not cheap to stay there, and their electricity and Wi-fi don't always work. Of course, there is no TV. So forget that. But who cares. You have the beautiful night sky to look at and in the day time a ghost town and the wide open desert and horse back riding if you want? For me, I am going to photograph and ride my mountain bike. It will be wonderful.