I am on the hunt for the "green flash", which actually exist, and I have seen one but did not capture it on film. The Green Flash only occurs at sunrise or sunset and is caused by the refraction of light as it travels through the lower atmosphere on the horizon. Maybe I am like Captain Ahab searching for the Great White Whale, but I know that I can get a good photo of the event if I keep trying. One of the problems we have here in the Corpus Christi area is the excessive moisture in the atmosphere which produces clouds. It can be cloudy for months and that washes out my photography time at sunrise. However, one day.....

You may ask: Why is a photo of the almost new moon in a section titled: SUNRISE?? Well, because I really did not have any other place to put it. I took the photo in the summer of 2020, when out photographing Comet NEOWISE. I needed something to focus my telephoto lens on and lo and behold there is a moon just over the horizon beginning it's 27 day cycle. After I got back home and looked at the photo in Lightroom software I decided not to delete it as I normally do with test shots. So here it is. Enjoy.

I love sunrises and really enjoy photographing the beginning of each day. There is a significance here beyond just a pretty photograph. We are give a new day to start life over again. Sunrise is the beginning of that new life. Each one of us have this time, but for the most part exploit our time on things that are wasteful and time consuming and at the end of the day do not produce things of value. Sound like Debbie Downer, but no. Each day is precious and we should make the best of it.

Ok, so I threw another moon shot in there. I like the moon, which is better than saying I like to moon people. hi.

These spaces below are empty. I hope as the clouds clear that we will have some more beautiful sunrises that can be photographed, but for now only empty squares waiting for the next photograph.